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by Fizzlecog on Mar 20, 2014 at 01:54 AM
13th - Lucky for some! Congratulations Keltoi - a Heroic Lei Shen kill tonight cemented our place as Number 1 Guild for achievement points on Kil'jaeden and brought the Guild up to 13th in the World overall!

We had a bright moment at the end of what would have been a disappointing night by adding a further 20 achievement points to the overall, Guild achievement tally. Well done to all who stayed back and participated including those who wanted to come but unfortunately, there was no room. Thank you!
by Fizzlecog on Mar 20, 2014 at 01:47 AM
Congrats to Keltoi! Heroic Ra-den Down this evening on a 1 shot!

Better late than never... right? right?
Keltoi - Switching back to 10m for the remainder of Mists.
Raiding News:

Due to a lot of frustrating factors, the main one being that we're in the ass end of an expansion, Keltoi has made the hard decision to switch back to 10m Raiding for the remainder of Mists of Pandaria. As it currently stands, we don't see progression going forward and we'd like the Guild, and our Raiders to see Hardmode Garrosh before the end of the expansion. As always, we've always been a Guild interested in only making the right choices for the majority and with a majority vote tonight - saw the decision to go forward as a 10man with a view to seeing Garrosh on Hardmode before Warlords of Draenor hits. As it currently stands, players are getting burnt out and as a result, attendance is slipping and it is getting harder and harder to recruit reliable and skilled players.

Sadly, this has meant saying goodbye to a couple of our long term players and while we're sorry to see you go, we do understand your decision.

As a way to keep everyone involved, we'll be organising Challenge Mode runs to get people their sets (and feats) before the expansion. Likewise, running a few Throne of Thunder achievement runs for meta achievements, all while trying to keep things fun and enjoyable. With the frustrations of the last few weeks and the wiping on what used to be farm content for us, we've lost sight of what the game is meant to be about - fun. We're sincerely hoping we've made a step in the right direction to get us back on track towards having fun and enjoying our limited raiding time.

Case of the Mondays:

Are you a Main Raider with a few well geared alts and interested in our Case of the Mondays Raid, running every Monday evening? Check out the information thread, here or see Comatosis in game! Mains are also welcome, especially if you haven't gotten rostered in on certain bosses for the weekly, Core Raid - just check with Coma before you get yourself saved!

Flex Raids:

Interested in getting your Siege of Orgrimmar meta acheivement and mount? See Riverns for all the info! Flexticles are running every Sunday night as usual. Korgs regularly gets people their achievements towards the Siege of Orgrimmar meta achievements - just check his informative post on the forums.