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by Fizzlecog on Jul 31, 2014 at 12:30 AM
Who's the "True Horde" now, Bitch!? Congratulations Keltoi! Hardmode Garry finally down this evening. Woop woop!

A big well done to all! Those who weren't in for the first kill, thank you for your patience and please be aware we'll be running from 1/14 again next week so you'll have raid time AND time on Garrosh yourselves. Congratulations to Comatosis on the Juggernaut mount and Junlin for winning the HM Garrosh reward - Sky Golem.
by Fizzlecog on May 29, 2014 at 10:21 PM
1 to go folks! Congratulations to the Raid team and the Guild - 13/14HM as for tonight! Got the big guy ahead of us now, wish us luck as we head towards clearing the entire expansion on Heroic!

Grats to all who got loot and also to Uchichi for winning the HM Kill Reward - Panther Mount
Keltoi - HM Garrosh Down - Gearing Towards 6.0!
Raiding News:

Keltoi - 14/14 Hardmode!

Congratulations to the Guild on our recent kill. A big thank you to the entire Raid team - including those who weren't in on the first kill but were beautifully patient without complaint.

In the coming weeks, we hope to full clear Siege on Heroic to make sure we get as many Raiders as possibly, their Heroic Garrosh mount. We'll also be re-opening recruitment in the coming weeks in order to start gearing up for Patch 6.0 and the coming Warlords of Draenor expansion and 20m Mythic Raiding. As such, please be patient during this process and understand that even if you see that we're recruiting for someone of your class, it doesn't mean you're getting replaced.

Case of the Mondays:

Case of the Mondays will be running again - this time every Tuesday night! Suitably geared (and skilled) alts are welcome and Raid times are the same as the Core Raid - 6-9pm. Need more info? You can find it here. Everyone is welcome but we do ask that if you can't make it after you've signed up, to please let us know in the appropriate absence thread.

Flex Raids:

Interested in getting your Siege of Orgrimmar meta acheivement and mount? See Korgs/Riverns/Xylkor for all the info! Flexticles are running every Sunday night as usual. Korgs regularly gets people their achievements towards the Siege of Orgrimmar meta achievements - just check his informative post on the forums. We're looking for a regular tank for these as Riverns would like to start bring his warlock as his tank no longer needs anything from Flex and will be tanking for the "Case of the Mondays" raid.